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                        Customer privacy is a great concern to us. Clients names are abbreviated to protect that privacy. -George Cockrell

"George is a magician.

We had four trainers tell us that Lucky was untrainable and aggressive.

After a few visits from George,  he's now a welcome member of our family.
We cannot thank George enough" 
   -John W.Rockville MD.                                                                    

"We've been attending George's classes with our dogs for 25 years.

  Our children have taken his classes with their dogs, and we are 

   proud to say that soon, our Grandchildren will be training their dogs with 

   Uncle George's help"

                            - Elizabeth R. Potomac Maryland

"After the first visit, Molly was a changed dog.

No more jumping and stealing food. Amazing."


Wheaton Md.

"I could watch George work dogs all day. This guy knows his stuff."

-Mike J, Germantown Maryland

"No nonsense results"

-David, Bethesda Md.

"We are so happy with what we've accomplished.

Finally, something that works with Bingo"

-Mary J.


"Tug is the most amazing dog we've ever seen.

His math is better than mine"

-Peggy M, Washington DC

"Within weeks, George Cockrell's training methods transformed my rambunctious Golden Retriever, Carmen, into a responsive, lovable member of my family. Under George's continued supervision, Carmen went on to earn two obedience titles, along with many blue ribbons. She also became an active participant in Pets On Wheels and at eight years old still gets requests to visit nursing homes. I look forward to starting all over again with a new Golden puppy and Uncle George's help."

Lisa B, LCSW-C, MS, Derwood Maryland

"When We came to see George, we had all but given up hope. We couldn't be more pleased with what we've learned. George's no nonsense advice was like a breath of fresh air. No gimmicks and dead on observations about how we relate to Dakota. We've told everyone in our neighborhood about the Big Guy who talks to the dogs."

David and Julie S.

Germantown, MD.

What the Pros are saying:

"Hey George...........just thought I'd drop a note to tell you how much I appreciate all of the times that you have assisted us at "No Limitations" seminars. You've been a great friend over the years, and have contributed greatly to keeping our whole program on the highest of levels. Thanks again."

-Fred Hassen
"Sit Means Sit" Dog Training Las Vegas/San Diego

"George Cockrell is a trainer who is a combination of knowledge and ability, a commodity that is hard to find in today's dog training community. He's been there for me for a few tough cases and the advice has always been right on the money. I'm proud to call him a friend and respected colleague."

-Robin MacFarlane
That's My Dog Inc.

     " George's common sense approach with people and his nearly magical communication with dogs make him the kind of trainer every dog owner should seek out. He's helped me to get on more solid ground with some difficult cases of my own and his time-tested wisdom hasn't failed me yet. In a time when dog owners are being sold a lot of promises without a lot of results, George's work sets a much higher standard of quality: the kind that every dog deserves. He's not just one of my favorite mentors, he's a good friend to me and my dogs!"

Julia V. McDonough
FORTUNATE K9 Dog and Owner Training
When you're ready for results!

"I am a police K9 trainer/handler in NJ ... I just attended a 3 day e-collar seminar this past weekend with Fred Hassen and George Cockrell. I must say these two guys were most amazing with their insight to dogs and the application of the e-collar.

-Bob Campanile

"I am often asked to refer other canine professionals for boarding, grooming, and training. I prefer to refer people that I myself have used. I have often heard the name George Cockrell when the subject of training comes up. Recently I had the opportunity to take part in classes taught by George. I now understand why is reputation proceeds him. George has a no nonsense approach that is fun. Yes fun! I have rarely seen fun and dog training coincide. George explains the "mechanics" of each command. Why it works and why other techniques won't work. He also knows most clients are training their companions, not champions. His approach makes it easy for the novice and interesting for the more experienced.

I have to say the thing I like most about George's training classes is that he allows children to participate. Every trainer I have ever worked with insists that children can only learn in private lessons. I have always believed that since children learn in classroom settings in school that they would do fine in classroom settings for dog training. Also, we learn as much by watching others as we do by doing things ourselves. By allowing children to partake in training classes it enhances their ability to learn.

George has decades of experience. He is well known in dog-training circles. He is the regional director of International Association of Canine Professionals. His own dogs have mountains of awards. If you are looking for dog training, I highly recommend George Cockrell "

-Anneliese Johnson

I met George Cockrell several years ago and he has since become my "go to guy". Whether I am in need of a dog for a job, someone to bounce idea's off of or quick suggestions in dealing with a particularly challenging situation he has yet to let me down. His generosity in sharing his vast knowledge of dogs with seasoned pros like myself as well as those just entering the field is commendable.

George and I both specialize in training aggressive dogs and their owners. We also love to teach dogs tricks. The former can be very taxing so tricks are a great way for us trainers to lighten things up a bit. As skilled as he is at rehabilitating "Cujo" he is equally as talented at creating "Lassie". George has fantastic ability to teach dogs silly as well as useful tricks. His dog Tug is one of the most talented dogs I have ever had the pleasure of working with. When I launched my own animal talent agency back in 2003 I asked George to sign on as a member of our professional staff. I am proud to have him onboard as well as to have the pleasure of referring to him as one of my closest friends.

Dawn Wolfe


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